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Teaching your kids the gift of giving for Christmas

Teaching your kids the gift of giving for Christmas

December 18, 2018 @ 11:47 pm
by Mariana
in Blog
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The magic and charm of Christmas is unique and exciting feeling for children and their families. Children love getting gifts from Santa and counting down the days until they can open their presents. However, there is a greater gift than the ones under the tree: the gift of charity! The thrill of receiving a new toy might last for a few moments, but the memory of making someone happy will be remembered for years to come. But the memories of serving or giving to someone else is one that will last a lifetime.

For some kids, is a difficult concept to grasp at first, especially when they are not used to giving to others, but you can teach them by example. The best way to do this is to be an example to your children and become a charitable person.

Create a culture of giving: If you want your child to be more charitable, you need to be a charitable parent. If your kids see you complain about homeless people or about nonprofits asking for donations, chances are they’re going to copy those habits from you and feel more reluctant to be charitable. But if they see you donating money, donating clothes, and spending time helping others, they will begin to see the importance of being charitable.

Show your kids the importance of giving time: You don’t have to give personal items or money to be charitable. Teach your kids that giving time can be even more valuable than giving money or items. You can do this by going to a nursing home and socializing with the residents, walking the dogs at the animal shelter, or even scheduling a play date with a child/classmate who doesn’t have a lot of friends. No matter what the circumstances are, going out of your way to help someone will show your children how important it is to give your time to others. 

Find out what your child is passionate about: Does your child have a favorite animal? For example, if your child loves dogs or cats, you can use this to teach your child that there are homeless dogs and cats that need food. Use this opportunity to take your child to an animal shelter to donate food. If your kid has a favorite animal that is an endangered species, you can use this to donate money towards a non-profit that helps protect these species from extinction. Better yet: you can donate to different organizations that support your favorite animals too. 

There’s no denying that kids love getting gifts. What they don’t understand is they’ll get bored of their new toy and outgrow their clothing one day. However, Christmas memories of giving to others and being a good friend will last for years to come. You cannot buy the everlasting joy that comes from teaching your kids to be charitable.



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