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Media Kit of Famtastic App

About Us

Famtastic is a revolutionary app that structures families through a user-friendly interface. This all-in-one family management app
tracks tasks, events, and finances all in one place. What makes Famtastic truly unique is the rewards system that motivates
children to stay and tasks and do their chores.


Chore Motivation : Famtastic’s vision is to motivate you and your children to accomplish tasks with a savvy reward system. Your kids can choose between an item prize or allowance money that direct deposits into their piggy bank.
Digital Piggy Bank : You no longer need to keep track of your children’s loose change with our piggy bank. Just add or subtract the dollar amount from their balance whenever they earn or spend money.
Family Calendar Sharing : Our lives are so busy, we sometimes overlap each other’s schedules. Famtastic’s shared calendar allows family members to add events and see each other’s schedules to prevent overscheduling.
Collaborative Shopping List : Forgetting items at the grocery store gets the best of us. Luckily, Famtastic allows users to add to the collaborative grocery list. The shopping list syncs in real time and you can see which items each user adds.
Budgeting : Oftentimes, we tend to lose track of where our money is going. Famtastic’s budgeting tool lets you see how much you spend in each category you create.

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