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7 Tips To Make Homework Time Easier

7 Tips To Make Homework Time Easier

September 6, 2018 @ 10:54 pm
by Mariana
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Your kids run home from the bus stop and toss their backpacks and shoes by the front door. As you ask them about their day, they quickly reply with “good” and run off to play. “What about homework?” You ask. They groan, complain, or mutter something before they return to playing.

An eight-hour school day is exhausting to kids, even more so with homework to do after school. Whether they struggle in a subject or exceed in another, homework is still boring. Don’t let the subject of homework become a power struggle in your home: use these fun and exciting tips to spice up homework time and help your kids understand why it is important.

Have your child teach you how to do their homework!

Motivation and rewards: Your kids’ ears will perk when you say that there’s some sort of reward if they do their homework. There are many ways to reward your kids for doing homework: you can put “homework” as one of their chores on Famtastic or you can reward them at the end of the grading term with money in exchange for good grades. Whether they earn allowance money or a prize, they will need to complete their homework assignments before checking it off in the app.

Start homework traditions: Homework is boring, but you can still make it more bearable by starting simple family traditions such as ordering pizza on Monday’s, eating popcorn while practicing spelling, or even making their favorite treats as they finish up their assignments. Whatever your tradition may be, let it be fun enough to make homework time less boring. 

Designating a homework time: The key to getting homework done is designating a time for your kids to do their homework. Sandi Schwartz with happysciencemom.com said, “Having a set time for them to do homework will make it easier for them to get into the habit of it.

When you designate this time period, make sure you’re doing something productive like reading a book or helping them out if they need it. It wouldn’t be fair if you watched TV or scrolled through your phone while your kids do homework. Make it a family activity so that they won’t feel left out or alone.

Make it distraction-free: If your kids are easily distracted, try making their homework environment enriching, but not too distracting. Make sure they know that homework time means focusing. JoAnn with No Guilt Mom has her kids work on the kitchen table. By designating an area for homework, it will be easy to make it distraction-free.

Homework time can be a special time to bond with your children.

Have them teach YOU: Part of the learning process involves teaching. If you tutor your kids through their homework, it is likely that they will rely on you to do their assignments. Instead, let them teach you how they do their homework (even if you know the answer). Not only is it enriching, but your child will be excited to “teach” you the new concepts they learned in school.

Leave them with the responsibility: Part of growing up is giving your kids responsibilities. It’s not your job if your child’s grades are failing because they choose to neglect their homework. Emotionallyhealthykids.com states, “School has given the homework, not you. [Their] school will most likely be happy  to help you come up with a solution if your child is not cooperating.” Don’t let it be a big issue in your house, but let them know that there are consequences to their actions.

Give them necessary breaks: Whether they need a potty break, snack, or a drink, appropriate break times will help them focus better and make life easier. Ayanna wrote in her blog “21 Flavors of Splendor” that she designates a “no homework day” in her household so that her kids have time for extracurriculars (and to give them a break throughout the week)!

Homework time might be difficult for your kids, but once there is a routine set up and rewards and (healthy) expectations put into place, your kids will understand that homework is just part of life and it needs to be done.

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