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10 Family-Friendly Costumes for Halloween

10 Family-Friendly Costumes for Halloween

October 3, 2018 @ 9:28 pm
by Mariana
in Blog
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Halloween is in a few weeks and the pressure is on to find the cutest family costume. There are limitless ideas on what you and your family can do for costumes, but sometimes, our kids might not have the same idea as we do in terms of what to wear for Halloween. Maybe you had a fun family costume idea, but then your son wants to be an astronaut while your daughter would prefer to be a dinosaur. Picking a costume that your family will agree on isn’t an easy task, but with teamwork and searching options, you can pull off the best family costume for Halloween this year!

We searched high and low for the best costume ideas out there and picked some of our favorites:

The Incredibles:
What could possibly beat a family like The Incredibles? The idea is fun, uniform, and easily recognizable. Bonus if you have a relative or friend dress up as Edna Mode! You can either buy the costume or DIY this costume.

Jurrasic Park: Raising kids is a lot like trying to tame a raptor. There are several ideas on how to pull off the best Jurrasic Park Halloween costume that you can check out here, here, and here! The best part is that you can never go wrong with dinosaurs. We recommend trying Just Tiffany and City To South’s Jurrasic Park Costume!

Peter Pan: This is a fun and exciting idea for the whole family with a wide range of characters to choose from. Whether you have a gang of Lost Boys or a band of pirates, there are lots of ways you can execute this costume idea. Some of our favorites are from A Beautiful Mess, In Honor of Design, and Made to Be a Momma. This should give you an idea of where to start!

101 Dalmatians: This is an easy Halloween costume to DIY at home. Your kids can dress up as cute little Dalmatians, which is an easy costume to DIY.  You can find our top three ideas on Everyday Art, Lola Lambchops, and The Chirping Moms.

Shark family: Baby shark doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo… With the popular YouTube song going around, it’s hard not to get it stuck in your head. Why not make it a costume? You could either pull off a shark family, or go for a Jaws-themed costume with a lifeguard, bite victim, and shark. Some of our favorite shark costumes are on The Fickle Pickle, Costume Works, and The Crafted Sparrow.

Emojis: If all else fails, dress up as emojis for Halloween. These costumes are not only easy to DIY, but there are so many emojis to choose from and everybody can recognize them! We suggest trying out Smart Fun DIY, Hello Wonderful, and Oddee for some great ideas on how to DIY emojis.

Star Wars: The number of Star Wars costume ideas are endless! Guaranteed, there are enough characters for every family member and their dog to choose from! You can choose from PopSugar’s list, Mom Endeavors, or Passion For Savings for ideas.

The Avengers: Avengers, assemble! With so many superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to form your team of heroes for Halloween! We especially loved LolaLambchop, Leap of Faith Crafting, and A Little Tipsy’s costumes!

Circus: Life’s a circus, and so is raising a family! There are lots of cute ideas to use for a circus-themed costume. With options like a ballerina, clown, a ringleader, and circus animals, you won’t want to run short on ideas! We love Beyond Wanderlust, One She Two She, and Elizabeth Bryant’s costume ideas!

Harry Potter: If you and your family love reading books and are a fan of the series, you could easily come up with a cute costume! With a variety of characters, you could easily pick through multiple characters that each family member would be satisfied with. Check out Paper Polaroid’s Harry Potter-themed Halloween costume.

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