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Organize your fantastic family!

Famtastic is a revolutionary app that structures families through a user-friendly interface

Coming soon... A New Brand Change!

We're announcing the biggest change to our brand! Stay tuned! It's really important for us to create a product that feels true to our mission and true to the impact we want to leave in the world.

BMA winner
A whole new way to manage your family!

It’s free to use.
  • Famtastic is a new and simple way to organize your family.
  • Kids will be motivated to do chores and take responsibility while parents can reward them for their effort.
  • Let kids manage their own money with their piggy bank.
  • Features include a shared grocery list, budget tool, to-do list, and a family calendar to keep everyone in sync.
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Do you struggle to manage your family and kids?

How does it work?

1 Goals and Chores
Get rewarded for doing your chores!

Famtastic's incentivized chores feature gives both children and adults a fun and convenient way to get things done.
Create a budget with custom categories.
Easily compare your total expenses to your total income and see where you're at as you track your purchases throughout the month.
2 Budget
3 Piggy Bank
Money management made easy.
Teach your kids early how to manage a budget. We’ll show you how to give your kids a head start and set them up for success at any age.
Add items to the shared grocery list.

Each family member can add to the shopping list. Only parents approve what gets purchased.
4 shopping
5 to-do list
Assign and schedule tasks.

Personalized to-do list to keep each family member on task.
Stay in sync with the family calender

An all-access calendar makes it easier for everyone to be up-to-date with everybody's schedules.
6 Family Calendar

What People Are Saying...

"My kids used to complain when I reminded them about their chores - now they thank me!"
"I love that Famtastic provides a way for me to teach my kids about budgeting."
"I no longer have to check if my kids have done their chores - they come to me and let me know they are done!"
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